Thursday, December 25, 2008

Post Number 1

We are new to the world of blogging and really don't know what to write about. So, if you have any suggestions - let us know.

What's new in our world... Observed Christmas in the usual Jewish way:

  1. Sam went for his annual, "running of the Jews" with 2 Jewish women from his running group.
  2. Watched a movie, in this case "Doubt"
  3. Ate Chinese food in Chinatown

After eating, we stopped at an Asian green grocer and bought some very cheap fruits.

Friday is "boxing day" and the stores have huge sales. It's a good time to avoid shopping if you don't like crowds.

On a whim, we invited people over from Sam's running group for games on Saturday night. Now waiting to see if anyone is available.

Well, interested in knowing if anyone is reading this and if you have any suggestions for content.

Happy Chanukah & Merry Christmas